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Website dedicated to offending all and protecting free speech.  Hope you are offended, share it like hell, visit often and no matter what, protect the 1st amendment and remember who our corrupt Tulsa County Judges are. 

All articles and opinions are written by Carl Waters.  


August 21, 2018:  I spoke with Chris Barnett the other day and he was telling me how when there would be issues when he was growing up, his family would just whack the people who wouldn't fall in line.  Chris admits to seeing his family kill hundreds of people who dared to question the family.  Chris was always called weak by his father because he refused to kill anyone and instead decided that litigation was the better way.  Even to this day, Chris' father tells him to just whack all the son of bitches and be done with it.  Chris' father has become so pissed off with the corruption that he has said he may do it himself just to get it done with.  Chris has urged his father not to resort to the old family ways.  I asked Chris if his father could actually do this and he looked at me and said... there were people we had dinner with one night and never saw again.  "Dad always said they went to Disneyland.".  "Dad would usually get rid of the bodies in the most interesting ways". Chris assured me that all of the criminals are safe and he said he wants to make sure they stay that way so they will be healthy when they all go to prison.  


By Carl Waters:  Ellen Buckner, Morbidly Obese Fat Cunt, Process Server, liar, can't get her lies straight and guess what, she's now being sued.  Seriously, it doesn't even look like a woman.  It looks like an IT.  A sexual.  So ugly no one wants to get near it.  It reeks of rotten fish so bad that even Judge Otey yelled at it and told it to get away. Apparently Ellen Buckner is also a pedophile.  Beware.  If you see Ellen Buckner come near your or your kids, she is likely going to rape you and your kids.  She is considered armed and dangerous.  If you see her, please call the police and report that you have spotted a pedophile in your neighborhood.  Truth be told, it is male nor female and is so sexually frustrated that it should just get cancer and die.  No one wants to touch that ugly bitch with a 100000000 foot pole.  

Below, Ellen Buckers dilapidated shack. 



Dennis has provided me with more than enough information.  He said she is crazy and tries to play the victim card.

Below is the whore Ellen Buckner... this picture was taken maybe 20 years ago.  Add 150 lbs and that's her.  I assure you, the picture below is so outdated it isn't even funny.  CUNT!!!



August 20, 2018: By Carl Waters:  New Pedophile alert.  Mark Donald Lyons, another Pedophile Attorney working for the law firm Lyons & Clark, which can be found here  The University of Tulsa knows how to produce pedophile attorney's.  This guy if he is still a guy, is so much of an idiot that he continues to ignore the corrupt Linda Morrissey's order.  It's not like any of the Judges in Tulsa County matter anyway, they are all corrupt liars.  Judge Morrissey is an embarrassment to the legal community, up there with Winona Tanaka and John David Lackey.  We urge everyone to post this information on Facebook and  Everyone has a right to know when there is a pedophile in our community.  We understand that Mark Lyons is undergoing sex change therapy right now and intends to change its name to Marcia Lyons.  We must not forgot that Judge Morrissey is also corrupt and a lying pedophile.  Judge Morrissey lied about Genter Drummond.  Let's hope she is elected out of office.  We don't need more pedophile Judges in Tulsa County.  


More information on pedophile and liar Mark D. Lyons.  Mark Lyons has attacked and lied about Christopher Barnett.  He is an employees or Tulsa Community College and you guessed it, The University of Tulsa.  



Look at the inflated ego of the idiot above, Mark Lyons, soon to be Marcia Lyons.  Go figure.  




August 17, 2018:  Chris Barnett was attacked yesterday by the crazy old Judge Millie Otey.  My sources tell me that Judge Otey is aging quickly and looks like she is dying of cancer.  Our prayers go out to the lord and hope it is cancer and hope it takes the nasty bitch quick.  After the Judge assaulted Chris several times on August 16, 2018 she took a Xanax via the butt and then realized that a process server was out of control who had assaulted Chris's soon to be ex-husband Trey Barnett.  The crazy process server works for a company called Buckner Process Serving.  She was nearly shot when she broke into the home of Trey Barnett.  My sources tell me that this crazy woman and the Judge had an ex-parte communication in the stairwell and apparently Judge Otey wasn't in the mood for Ellen to go down on her in the stairwell this morning, so instead she took it out on everyone else.  Dear Lord, please answer Tulsa's prayers and give Judge Otey the most painful type of cancer possible if you haven't yet.  If anyone is deserving of it, it is this miserable cunt Judge Millie Otey.  

August 16, 2018:  I was detained by two men claiming to be from OSBI and the FBI.  However OSBI and the FBI claim they have no record of it.  The only thing these people cared about was Oklahoma Attorney General Michael Hunter aka Michael CUNTER.  See, Ole Mike Cunt, he's trying hard to win his re-election so he can continue abusing his power and office.  Oklahoma knows not to vote for this idiot.  Terrorist Jeb Joseph and his whore Desiree Singer will soon be lead to the unemployment office.

This is almost as bad as the AIDS ridden kid who went to TU who also happened to be named Mikel CUNT.  Everyone is glad that dumb aids ridden son of a bitch is dead.  Mikel CUNT is rotting in hell, be forced to eat pussy everyday for eternity.   Mikel Cunts parents were so stupid they didn't teach him what a condom was, or how impolite it was to give HIV to others and not disclose their status.  This writer is very happy that the lord did his work and did it quick.  Praise Jesus that we have no Mikel CUNT on this earth anymore.  Elizabeth Cunt, his sister, not by blood, but at any rate, his sister, the one Mikel told many before he died has sexually abused him is also a fucking cunt.  She's on the heavy side and is so fat Jenny Craig sent her a rejection letter stating they could not help her and she should look into drinking anti-freeze.  

August 14, 2018: It appears that a huge lawsuit against Oklahoma Attorney General Michael Cunter will be filed about a week before the run off elections, exposing the corruption she is involved in.  A PAC is being set up to run ads letting Oklahoman's know that Attorney General Michael Cunter has hired a terrorist who is also married to a terrorist.  Michael Hunter is soft on terrorism because he has terrorist working in his office on your dime.  Michael Hunter, wrong for Oklahoma in 92, and wrong for Oklahoma in 2018.  

August 13, 2018:  The FBI & OSBI have now shown up at Trey Barnett's home to harass him, or they claim to be with the OSBI and FBI.  They provided no names or phone numbers.  They were asking about me and who I am.  I am a writer and a peaceful one at that.  Free Speech must be protected.  This is the Government trying to stop free speech in its path.  

August 12, 2018:  The University of Tulsa has been exchanging e-mails about me, trying to figure out if I exist or if Chris is hiding behind me.  I do indeed exist, however they will never find me.  The treasure trove of information obtained will be released soon and it has nothing to do with the Barnett's.  The Hall Estill Law Firm and The University of Tulsa has much more to worry about.  

August 10, 2018: by Carl Waters:   Ms. Jefferson Sellers has taken a vacation I.E. she's undergoing additional hormone sex change therapy.  Her voice is pitching higher and higher.  The University of Tulsa is very proud of Ms. Sellers for going through and becoming who she really is.  Now Sellers can join the rest of the women and finally feel like she belongs.  It' rumored that Pedophile John Lackey is planning to have the same sex change operation and even use the same surgeon as Ms. Sellers.  Pedophile Ms. Jefferson Sellers is trying to keep her pedophile ways quiet.  The Barnett's both filed motions to have corrupt Sellers step down.  It appears that no one in Tulsa County can hear anything if it regards Tulsa Community College or The University of Tulsa.  I did see the petition today that the Barnett's are circulating to ensure they can gain the 5000 signatures to impanel a grand jury to investigate everything.  Hopefully this will lead to several Judges being removed, arrest at both The University of Tulsa, The Attorney Generals Office, Tulsa Community College, The City of Tulsa and even the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.  So far, the Barnett's have been able to gather 2434 valid signatures in a 5 day time span.  They will have to do this again but it shows that they have the support necessary.  


August 07, 2018:  Posted by Carl Waters: This is what transparency looks like.  Below is the information on Assistant Attorney General Jeb Joseph's wife.  Jeb Joseph is abusing his office everyday. Jeb Joseph is a terrorist, along with his wife.  Jeb Joseph hates Oklahoma and works directly for Oklahoma Attorney General Michael J. Hunter aka Mike Cunt.  Michael Hunter will not follow Oklahoma Law.  Using the theory of The University of Tulsa, Michael Hunter is also a terrorist since he employs a terrorist, and Jeb's Wife is a Terrorist for being married to a terrorist and sleeping with the enemy.  Jeb Joseph isn't attractive at all, so its no wonder he had to marry a terrorist from another country.  Terrorist attract terrorist.   Hopefully Jeb will earn enough money soon to address his balding problems. 

Is she from Saudi Arabia or Iran?  Can't tell.  Obviously she isn't in Georgia, but her office address appears to be below.  All information is publicly available, on the internet, with a simple internet search.  No threats are made, and no harm is intended or implied towards anyone.  This is a political satire site that writes about serious issues and also makes fun of them at the same time.  

211 NE 18TH ST
MOORE, OK  73160-4603

Be sure to share this page with any and everyone in Moore, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  





August 06, 2018:  Posted by Carl Waters:  I saw Chris put this out on Twitter and since I have his permission, I felt I should also publish this.  This is an e-mail from Susan Barrett to Machele Dill, where Susan Barrett states "Bill and I both wondered if there had been any interplay here.  I hope not because this makes him completely untenable. "  One can only perceive that she means this person would be "untenable" not only in the TU community but also at Tulsa Community College.  "untenable" aka we're going to discriminate against this person if they disagree with us.  Remember where Chris alleged that a student named Tara Moses at The University of Tulsa was providing minors with alcohol and TU VP Winona Tanaka claimed this was a malicious rumor.  Why didn't TU do anything about this student providing alcohol to minors?  Because she wasn't gay.  More evidence of discrimination at The University of Tulsa.  



Above, you can see the crazy psycho named Machele Dill who is trying to play the victim card.  Obviously as you all know, Mr. Barnett who is going to make an amazing US Senator to the great State of Oklahoma in 2020, legally purchased and owns multiple firearms. It has become obvious that The University of Tulsa has done everything possible to discriminate against the Barnett's because they are gay and support the 1st and 2nd amendment.   I'm proud to display the next photo of our next US Senator who will win by a landslide in 2020.  Notice the 45 on his side?  This is a true patriot.  He has great taste in firearms.  




August 5, 2018:  By Carl Waters

Christopher Barnett is offering a $100k reward for emails.  If you are a hacker and have obtained copies of Tulsa County Judges e-mails, or Tulsa Community College E-mails, or even University of Tulsa College e-mails.  Chris will buy them if they are legit and recent all the way back to 5 years from today.  If you have broken the law, Chris wants nothing to do with it.  If you have some how come across the information legally, then we are interested.  

August 04, 2018:  By Carl Waters
I'll be writing all articles and opinions from here on out.  Some satires, some serious.  I apparently need to make it clear that this is free speech and there are no threats or any intentions to harm anyone physically or otherwise.  I'm a peaceful free speech activist just like Chris.    It appears that Christopher Barnett continues to be attacked for his free speech by local Tulsa County Judges and corrupt pedophile attorney's in Tulsa.  Chris is clear that he stands for 100% transparency and free speech.  Chris will not stop defending these two key components of our constitution.  As a supporter of Chris Barnett, I am happy to volunteer my time and help in his campaign for his next political run in 2020.  Chris and his husband are about to be proud first time parents and I've agreed to help in every way possible.  Chris still has strong support.  For the heck of it, we ask that all supporters of Christopher Barnett for Governor write in his name when you go to vote at the run off's and write in his name in November.  It's better than voting for Kevin Shitt or Mickey Cornett.  Do we really want a Shitt or a Ratt representing Oklahoma?  Then we have the very short Drew Edmondson who is a flip flopper.  We know the Libertarians stand no chance.    Christopher Barnett garnered more votes than all the Libertarian candidates combined and he didn't spend millions of dollars to do it.  We are aware of some voter fraud and our election committee plans to investigate these matters fully.  The Campaign Committee has also engaged a law firm in California to bring suit against Facebook.  The Fraud committed by Facebook against our candidates disenfranchised voters while they attempted to profit.  Chris has taken great pride in the fact that he self funded his entire campaign, however some campaign debt does still exist and Chris and his husband have their limits.  Chris has pledged a half million dollars to Green the Vote and 5 million dollars to running ads to ensure that current appointed Attorney General Michael Cunter does not win.  Chris has also been offered dark money, however we're still awaiting advise from counsel on this matter as we won't do anything unethical.  I can confirm that a large oil company offered Chris a job, paying $5.5 million dollars a year if he agreed to drop out and not run for US Senate in 2020.  The job was a consulting job, requiring he do absolutely nothing.  So let's call it what it is.... a bribe.  Chris declined as you would expect an honest candidate to do and will name the company at a later time.  

Corrupt Judges in Tulsa County
Judge Millie Otey (This woman makes it so obvious she is miserable and is living in a failed marriage, if any marriage at all.  Try women, they will treat you better than the piece of shit you are with.)

Judge Daman Cantrell (Also currently undergoing Male to Female sex change)

Ms. Jefferson Sellers (Sex Change done already, she's coming along)

Rebecca Nightingale (Just dumb and corrupt.  

Judge Mary Fitzgerald Corruption doesn't touch it.  Stupid would be an improvement.

Judge Linda Morrissey   (Stupid, Dumb, Cunt, idiot can't touch how corrupt she is)

Assistant Attorney General Jeb Joseph is married to terrorist...  This person is an assistant Attorney General, employed by Oklahoma Attorney General Michael Hunter.  It's only a matter of time before the sleeper cell terrorist wake up and attack Oklahoma.  Jeb Joseph and his wife will likely be part of that terrorist sleeper cell.  Mike Hunter, fire this terrorist working directly in your office.  If you don't fire this Terrorist, it sends a clear message to Oklahomans that you support Terrorist and will harbor them at all cost. 


Below, Terrorist and Anti-1st and 2nd amendment hater Ms. Jefferson Sellers, finishing its transition from male to female.  Look at how far she's come.  Ms. Jefferson Sellers hates America, the NRA, the first amendment, the second amendment and anything that is right.  It's a known fact that most Tulsa County Judges are part of a sleeper cell terrorist group, attempting to undermine America and take away our guns and our civil rights.  Its not far from reality.  Nearly every Tulsa County Judge is a terrorist who hates America and is working in concert with The University of Tulsa and the Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office.  A vote for Michael Hunter is a vote to lose your guns and your rights!

Liberal Terrorist Dis-honorable Judge, Ms. Jefferson Sellers, formerly a man, now living as a female.  Look at the picture.  She is transitioning into a full fledged looking female.  Did tax dollars pay for the Dis-Honorable Ms. Judge Jefferson Sellers Sex change operation?  This is what our Judicial system has come to in Oklahoma.  Ms. Jefferson Sellers found this website extremely offensive, but forgets that she is an elected official, even though no one opposed her and free speech must be protected.   Rumor has it that Judge Linda Morrissey is seeking a female to male sex change operation next and at tax payer expense if she wins her re-election attempt.  Please don't make that mistake.  We don't need more liberals in our Tulsa County Courts.  Judge Rebecca Nightingale aka Judge Rebecca Nightmare is also seeking a female to male sex change at tax payer expense as well.  When does it stop?  

Please support Green The Vote!!! 
August 3, 2018:  Ms. Jefferson Sellers failed to disclose the conflict of interest she had with the Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office.  She was sued in Federal Court and guess who heard the case... yep... good ole Corrupt Terry Kern.  It was just yesterday that Ms. Jefferson Sellers admitted that she contacted Judge Kern and the US Marshall's office.  I'm very proud of Judge Sellers for admitting to her sex change and her balls being cut off.  It's obvious that she is becoming more and more woman everyday and Judge Morrissey likely had Judge Sellers balls attached.  Now we need to talk about University of Tulsa professor Susan Barrett and her failed life of lies and Winona Tanaka and lets not forget, J. Patrick Cremin, who is ultimately responsible for the deaths of his children.  Pat Cremin was warned more than a year ago that his daughter would kill herself and likely others and he did not take the warnings seriously.  The next prediction made was that Patrick Cremin would open fire in a court room in an attempt to silence Chris Barnett and try to kill him, just as The University of Tulsa has been trying to do for quite some time, in concert with The Law Firm of Hall Estill and Tulsa Attorney Johnathan Rogers and local pedophile attorney John David Lackey of the law firm Paul and Lackey.  John Lackey has tried to ban free speech he doesn't approve of.  It seems that Ms. Jefferson Sellers took issue that I told everyone she was a pedophile on this website.  Sue me.  I'll enjoy the shit show.   Ms. Jefferson Sellers is an elected official and according to his counter parts at Hall Estill, certainly if the false threats they have made are protected speech, my speech is 100% protected as a writer and blogger for Chris Barnett.   I urge my supporters and readers to please contact DHS and ensure that they are actively monitoring pedophile Attorney John David Lackey and continue to check on his children.  He's likely abusing them.   It's been reported that John David Lackey has major anger issues and even has struck his children and abuses his wife.  This is the type of stuff everyone turns a blind eye to because he claims to be a respected attorney.  He isn't.  He's a pedophile. 

The home of Pedophile John David Lackey, available through public records.  

Pedophile Johnathan Rogers is likely doing the same if he has children, however there is confusion.  People claim that Rogers is married, but we aren't sure if he's married to a man... but takes offense to this.  If you have been offended by this, your welcome.  Thank a solider and be sure to share my page like hell.  Free Speech is alive and well as long as this website is up and you can read it.  

August 2, 2018:  Today an in camera review took place seeking the recusal of Judge Jefferson Sellers from Christopher Barnett Vs. Tulsa Community College and George W. Barnett III Vs. The University of Tulsa.  Judge Sellers admitted that she was informed of his sex change by Judge Linda G. Morissey.  She said she was forwarded this web page, and then Judge Sellers admitted to contacting Federal Judge Terry Kern which is very concerning because Judge Sellers is listed as a witness in my Federal Lawsuit against The University of Tulsa and the Law Firm of Hall Estill, J. Patrick Cremin and Johnathan Rogers.  Judge Morissey told Judge Sellers that I was a threat to the court.  Again, no threats have ever been made to the court and there never will be.  The true threat is I will expose the corruption of the corrupt Judges through litigation.  Ms. Sellers said that she and her clerk laughed at what I had to say.  Not only is Judge Sellers a Pedo she is also a Psycopath... and someone is on the take... who can it be... It was very apparent today that Ms. Jefferson Sellers had indeed had her balls cut off.  Obviously, Linda Morrissey is taking Testosterone shots trying to compete in a mans world.  Sellers couldn't compete with the women so she gave in and finally became a she.  It's reported that Judge Morrissey is having animal identity issues and identifies as an ass.  I'll keep writing about the corruption in small little ole Tulsa County.  The ignorant, corrupt Judges will be exposed one way or another.  Learn what free speech is you idiots!

Visit my newest website and share it like crazy!  

July 25, 2018:  We are still hearing from people asking if Chris will run for office again and Chris has made it clear that he is running for US Senate in the next election.  We have a head start and lots of work to do. Chris said during his last campaign that he would not stop fighting for Oklahomans and he stands by that.  Chris has had people literally beg him to run again and he has heard it loud and clear. 


July 22, 2018:  I wonder how the media is able to obtain copies of text messages in relation to SQ 788 and the corrupt Attorney involved with the regulations, but I still can't get a dumb, ignorant Judge, Judge Jefferson D. Sellers, to read the law in black and white and follow it and enforce it.  She refuses to do her job as the Judge and I've told her (Judge Sellers) that she is corrupt and should step down.  Counsel has finally filed the paper work to request an in camera hearing so we can get rid of corrupt Sellers and get a Judge who will do their job.  I can confirm we are looking at how to remove Sellers from office and questioning the vagueness of the law and how it reads.  It may need to be taken up with the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.  Mike Cunt, the current Oklahoma Attorney General only wants to uphold the laws that put his name in the news.  What is Tulsa Community College hiding and why hasn't the Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office complied with my request from January 2018?  I plan to file a new lawsuit in Federal Court, which among other things will show Title 42 U.S. Code § 1983 violations by The Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office and Tulsa Community College and Her Honor Judge Jefferson D. Sellers.  (Judge Sellers recently had a sex change and used to be a man, but had his nuts cut off to become a woman and is also a pedophile).  After reading the open records act, it made me smile to see that The University of Tulsa is also subject to the Open Records Act since they receive public funding.  I didn't let that slip past me, so I'll send out a new request on that soon.  I'm looking forward to it.   

All content is written and posted by Carl Waters.